Progressive Farming Can Save Us From A Global Food Crisis


We are on the precipice of a global food crisis. The math is simple and staggering: we need to produce at least 50% more food to feed 9 billion people by 2050, but are currently capped by resource limitations, environmental contamination, and agricultural decline.

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Scientists Are Breeding ‘Super Corals’ To Save Reefs From Global Warming

For thousands of years, human beings have been by tinkering with the breeding habits of plants and animals.

Now, as one of our favorite underwater features faces serious threats from warming oceans, acidification, pollution and overfishing, scientists are rallying to breed a better future for coral reefs.

Using selective breeding, researchers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa have begun experimenting with “super corals” that can withstand future ocean conditions.

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Climate change will turn up the heat in Waterloo Region


Climate change would triple the number of days over 30 degrees in the summer, bring more frequent and intense rainfall and create milder winters with more frequent freezing rain in Waterloo Region, according to a new report commissioned by the regional government and its three largest cities.

The problem of climate change is already being blamed by some for intensifying weather patterns in Waterloo Region that have brought flash floods, freezing rain and drought in the last few years.

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PEI could be Overrun with lobster becuase of climate change


Due to warming water trends, experts say the province of Prince Edward Island could become a veritable hatchery for lobster within a half-century. While they caution there is a lot they don’t know about the spiny delicacies, it does seem almost certain that the trend toward abundance in the Atlantic Canadian lobster fishery is not about to slow down.

“With the temperature increasing in P.E.I. waters and decreasing the number of days a baby lobster is susceptible, you have less predation and an increase in settlement size lobsters,” says Memorial University grad student Ryan Stanley, who is the grandson of a lobster fisherman in P.E.I.

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